South Coasting — The Vampires



WHAT a pity these four young musicians, who’ve been together for three years in Sydney, do not make it often to Melbourne, where this debut album was recorded in 2007. (They did make it to the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.)

Shannon Barnett is a guest on five tracks, but the keys to this collection of originals are the interplays between main composers Nick Garbett (trumpet) and Jeremy Rose (alto saxophone) and, more subtly, the rhythm team of Mike Majkowski (double bass) and Alex Masso (drums).

The horns grab the limelight, intuitively in accord and, as often, fencing with each other in dances that excite, provoke and soothe.
The Beating Sun features extended solos and wailing harmonies, while gritty attacks make up the fiery Vampires Vamp Sesh ’06. South Coasting has a hint of reggae and Melting River builds from a beautiful melody.

This enjoyable debut delights in horn players adept in celebrating their instruments’ potential.

In short: Sink your teeth into these Vampires.


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