Devil in the Woodpile — Collard Greens & Gravy

Devil in the Woodpile

(Black Market Music)

A WONDERFULLY spooky Noah Lewis song gave this long-awaited fourth Collards album its title and it suits the mood. Not that it’s all dark music, but, as Jeff Lang writes, these are “grown men with something real to say” and they do play serious blues.

Ian Collard (vocals, harmonica, guitar), James Bridges (guitar, fiddle) and Anthony “Shorty” Shortte (drums and chicken feet) make some dark music on this superb mix of Ian Collard originals and classics. Aptly, it’s recorded live amid the “iron woodpile” of a metalwork factory in Brunswick.

There’s sweet sorrow in Dyin’ Bed, with Collard’s weeping harp; lyrical slide guitar in So Sad This Morning; and heartache in the wail of Take Me When You Go.

Yet there’s also foot tappin’ aplenty (Sometimes I Wonder); raw and fiery harp (Come Back and So Much Trouble); and sublime guitars (Streamline Train).

The best yet from CG&G, this is real blues real well done.

In short: Be happy these three musicians play the blues


One response to “Devil in the Woodpile — Collard Greens & Gravy

  1. great album
    great live
    great harp
    You transform me to a juke joint…at least in spirit

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