Vol II: Plugged! — Exposed Bone

Exposed Bone


ONE look at the garish album art is enough to show this is going to be fun. The successor to Volume I: Smokin’ Da Bone swaps Zoe Hauptmann for Brendan Clarke on bass, but preserves the line-up of Zoe’s brothers Ben, on guitar, and James, on drums, with irrepressible ‘bone player Jeremy Borthwick.

Apart from two tracks, by Arne Hanna and James, these lively compositions are Borthwick originals, bringing African, funk and blues to jazz improvisation.

This is high-energy stuff that will dispel any ideas that jazz has to be serious. Yet it ought not be dismissed as frivolity.

On Dance of Rejoicing Ben offers delightful guitar solos as counterpoint to solo Borthwick. And there’s plenty of meat on this Bone, with Mince serving up gritty trombone and garrulous guitar, and Vindaloo clearing the sinuses with juicy gobs of sound. James Ryan’s guest flute adds welcome chutney on Dr Claw.

In short: More Bone to sink your teeth into and gnaw awhile


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