Village — The Catholics


(Bugle Records)

THE sixth album from this seven-piece ensemble brings typically infectious global rhythms and immediate accessibility.

From the opening Salaam, James Greening on trombone ensures a brassy, boppy feel. It is hard to imagine anyone resisting the immediate charm and grace of guitarist Jonathan Pease’s composition Pelicans, with Bruce Reid’s slide guitar setting up the mood, and classy duets and solos by Greening and Sandy Evans on saxophone.

It’s all rhythm and melody, with plenty of variety. Reid’s Grace swings opulently into a reflective, hymn-like musing. But in renowned drummer Dion Parsons’ composition D’s Blues, the tempo is lively, melodies familiar and the trombone joins the happy romp.

Band leader and bassist Lloyd Swanton’s deft touch shows in two pieces that allow effective guitar and brass solos to play against restrained infusions of slide guitar and percussion.

In short: Easy-to-like beats and melodies by adept musicians.


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