Dream Wheel — Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra


(Birdland/Creative Vibes)

WHO needs Indians when you have this many chiefs? Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra can ask that, with 18 respected Sydney improvisers, average age 28, who jointly have four masters degrees and 20 undergraduate degrees.

Everything about JMO is big. The band drinks an average of 30 litres (content unspecified) in a session and a rehearsal or gig can take 60 phone calls to organise.

With alto lead saxophonist “Captain” David Theake at the controls, Mothership produces a sound of intergalactic proportions. This second album was recorded live at the Sound Lounge at the end of an eight-concert tour of Australia’s east coast last year, with guest pianist/composer Florian Ross.

Mothership takes us to the big sound spaces, expansive realms suggestive of cinemascope. Yet from all that room to move comes a perspective that admits fine detail, reflection and fluid, iridescent solos.

In short: Prepare for lift-off to a big, bold, brassy adventure.


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