Zoe and the Buttercups — self-titled

Zoe and the Buttercups


GLOOMY winter days and a world in carbon-induced meltdown calls for a dose of cheery, foot-stompin’ music to salve the soul. Enter Zoe Hauptmann and her jazz-influenced hoedown hillbillies. Original compositions by acoustic bassist Hauptmann, guitarist Aaron Flower, trombonist John Hibbard and saxophonist Dan Waples warm the heart from the opening Pigly Wigly Hoe Down.

Hauptmann brothers Ben, on guitar, and James, on drums, join their sister, with Steve Appel joining Zoe on the only vocal track, The Creeps and the Weasels. Jerry Reed and Creedence Clearwater are influences, but it’s lighthearted without being at all frothy.

Buttercupin’ is wonderfully laid back. Wednesday closes the album with a swing back to jazz. An audience member allegedly said: “After one night with the Buttercups, you’ll be walkin’ like you just got off a horse.” Yep. And horses are carbon neutral, right?

In short: Welcome global warming of the heart.


Review published origninally in Sunday Herald Sun

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