Little Claps — Andrea Keller Quartet

Little Claps


A PRAYER of thanks seems appropriate. The meeting 13 years ago of 20-year-olds Eugene Ball (trumpet), Ian Whitehurst (tenor sax) and Andrea Keller (piano) has grown into a musical congregation of faith that has fulfilled much hope and given us much to love.
With Joe Talia, on drums since 2005, this quartet steps easily past the absence of a bass player to deliver sounds profound and reverent. There are upbeat parts, but the lingering impression is often of lament or deep sadness, of beautiful yet wistful melody.
Moments in Parallel is a triumph, with its sombre piano and hymn-like horn growing gradually more abrasive and strident against the saxophone.
Ball’s rich trumpet tone is a powerful presence, but there is much interplay, with compelling horn and sax exchanges. As composer, Keller does not often give her piano the limelight, but expectations arising from past ARIA honours are easily met.

In short: Deserves a big clap and will win much applause

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