Backwards — Scott Tinkler



SCOTT Tinkler’s improvised solo trumpet adventure, recorded in a four-hour session, takes us out of our comfort zone and “special effects” — immersing the bell in water or awakening a cymbal — ought not to distract from the content.

From the opening Duet for Fingers and Bell End, Tinkler’s trumpet is clearly a different beast. How he creates the duet effect with a mute is intriguing, but the sound is what counts: living, organic and almost animal. His instrument is alive, unnerving, yet spellbinding.

In Crank, the horn struggles and strains, then bursts with emotion, asking questions then finding answers in a rarified beauty. In Let, the opening mournful “moo” becomes a conversation, then an argument, possibly with expletives. This trumpet speaks.

In Backwards, Tinkler has breathed such seditious life into the instrument not even Salvation Army brass bands will be safe.

In short: A move forwards into ground-breaking sound


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